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Leonid Meteor Shower Latest Observation Report

Report on Nov.17 1998:
The above observations were carried out from Khanapur (Near Pune, India) By Sameer Godbole, Deepak Joshee, Mayur Joshee, Rajendra Lele, Vilas Deshpande and Parimal Dave (All ... members of Jyotirvidya Parisanstha, Pune, India)

Date and Time in IST
On Nov.17, 1998
Date and Time in UT
On Nov.16, 1998
No.of Meteors Seen
From To From To
00:00 Hrs. 01:00 Hrs. 18:30 Hrs. 19:30 Hrs. Approx. 65+
01:00 Hrs. 02:00 Hrs. 19:30 Hrs. 20:30 Hrs. Approx. 70+
02:00 Hrs. 03:00 Hrs. 20:30 Hrs. 21:30 Hrs. Approx. 125+
03:00 Hrs. 04:00 Hrs. 21:30 Hrs. 22:30 Hrs. Approx. 170+
04:00 Hrs. 05:00 Hrs. 22:30 Hrs. 23:30 Hrs. Approx. 170+

Specific events observed in above timing:

Time Event (Meteor Direction)
Direction: Starts from NE to SE (Near Jupiter)
Span: 1500 long trail
Visibility: More than one minuit.
Magnitude: Approx -3.0
Direction: Stationary point in Leo
Span: 00 (directily pointing towards us)
Visibility: Suddenly a new object apeared in the sickle of Leo and the brightness of the object went on increasing. The meteor finally gave out a bright flash and went off. The event was visible for around 2 mins.
Magnitude: Max -6.0
Photograph by:
Mr.Vilas Deshpande.
Direction: South-West below 'hunter'
Span: 350 long
Visibility: Flat tail, More than 5 mins.
Magnitude: Approx -10.0

Here Are Some Photographs:

Vilas Deshpande Sameer Godbole

Here Are the Observers: